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05-10-2007, 12:00 PM
I was wondering if there were any new ideals for these two book besides what is in the archives?
Thanks in advance,

Kendra AU
05-11-2007, 05:01 AM
For Ping, which was our very first row, we had fun doing an entire Chinese meal on Saturday. We made our own Chinese Almonds cookies, we made our own Chinese dumplings, and Pork Lo Mein. I cheated and got Wal=Mart vegetable egg rolls and baked them in the oven. Anyway, then we printed off a few extras of the Oragami from the site in the archives.

When the grandparents arrived the boys couldn't wait to fill them in on Ping. They even asked Gram to read the book to them, and sat their on the edge of their seat while they waited to find out what would happen (it made her day!). Then they pulled out their scrapbook and told her about all the things they'd learned.

We pulled out pillows to sit on for dinner (I didn't have a low enough table) and used chopsticks and had fun tasting all our cooking. I think I got the chopsticks for a dollar at the Dollar Tree where we were at the time.

Instead of light, I opted to teach about buoyancy and floating and sinking. We used a terrific book from the library that was very much their level. I have record of it, but that's in America at the moment. Sorry! I know that the book and our experiments hit home because my five year old walked into the library (we were on first name basis at this point) and says to the girl at the desk.. "Do you know why boats don't sink?" she said no, but when you find out tell me! So he sat there and filled her in on what we'd just learned.

We also took out a tape called "Learn Chinese Quick and Easy" or something of that nature. We had fun listening to simple things like counting. We were all rolling with laughter over the extra "ooing" you do for the number 5.

We also ended up taking the boys out for Chinese to our local Chinese restaurant. The lady who was working the front counter was so happy they wanted to know "stuff" and she didn't hesitate to fill them on anything they asked. They were simply amazed that "China" could be in America.

To this day my eldest goes on and on about the Great Wall Of China. My BIL had to make a business trip to China, and had the opportunity to be on the wall. He had photos taken and when he came back my son wanted to talk to him right away, which he did. The first question out of my son's mouth was, "What did you see when you looked over the wall?" "Just more wall and trees, Mate." "No, really, when you looked OVER the wall, what did you see?" "I told you more trees and wall." My son walked away very disappointed and says, "Mom, I don't think he paid good attention because he said it was just more trees and wall!"

I'm pretty sure that one day he'll be traveling to China to find out the answer to his own questions! lol We also watched a fantastic video with a lot of great views of China.. "Big Bird Goes To China".

Have Fun With Ping,