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Jen M
01-28-2012, 01:04 AM
Hello :hi:,

I have not posted in a long while, however I am in need and value the advise and wisdom of everyone on these boards.

We've reached a great milestone a bit sooner than I realized. I have an 11yr old dd who is ahead and soon I will need to start recording some of her work as high school credit.:clap: She intends to enter the medical field (possibly OB/GYN), so this is a good head start for her.

She will complete MUS Pre-Algebra this year. I am looking into Algebra 1 for next year. I realize that I can 'count' that for highschool if we choose, so I have two questions:

1. Has anyone faced this conundrum and how did you work the higher level math with a child who is ahead?

2. I am once again considering TT vs. MUS. It was recommended that I stick with MUS through Algebra 2, but I am wondering if TT would be able to better 'explain' some of those more tough concepts? Just curious....

Also, she is about 1/2 through the Bob Jones 8th grade grammar program. This is a rigorous curriculum, and I am thinking it may be time to change it up a bit. Any budget friendly recommendations?

Lastly, I am looking for a good high school curriculum. We do a unit study approach and learn all together. Is there a program that would fit best, incorporate all three children, is budget friendly, and still be able to easily breakdown for recording on transcripts?

Sorry for the spillage of questions, I have been saving up.... :lol:

TIA! :)

Kendra AU
01-28-2012, 03:33 PM
:hi: You were on my mind recently. :D

I don't know that I'm much help. Our 11 year old recently graduated from FIAR and we moved him into Sonlight this year. I enjoy the continued literature approach & feel that I can keep the kids together {two year age gap} with it for ease if desired.

We're using TT, but something to bear in mind with it is that only the Pre Algebra and Algebra 1 {maybe 2} has been "redone". Meaning that now they are much like the lower grades in regards to how you can use the programme, being self grading, etc. I only mention this because if you do purchase it with TT you might want to consider getting the newest version vs purchasing used.

I don't know if she posts here or not, but I do know that Loree was debating this very math decision {Mus or TT} not that long ago herself. :) She might be able to tell you what information she found and how she came to her choice.

01-28-2012, 04:24 PM
For math, I'd stick w/ MUS over TT or even switch her over to Saxon. For the harder concepts she needs a little more help with check out these DVD's (http://www.mathtutordvd.com/public/main.cfm). I have found them to be excellent in instruction and have helped my kids w/ some concepts they were struggling w/ to just get them over that hump.

We have the prealgebra DVD and TI graphing calculator that I received for reviewing. Thought they were both great. Which led me to purchase their Basic Math series. Rebecca was having trouble w/ some of the long division concepts. She kept messing up in the same step every time. I had her watch one of his lessons, worked one of their worksheets and she had it down. :clap: Not sure what he does differently than Steve Demme, but it was enough that she caught the step she was missing and hasn't messed up since. (not to say she hasn't made a mistake since but that's usually due to sloppy, fast work and not because she doesn't get the concept. ;) )

As far as the rest of the stuff, TOG is a good solid program. Ask to borrow someones to check it out to see what you think. I'd ask on EE's boards. Preferably w/ someone who can sit down w/ you and talk you through it as it does have a bit of a learning curve.

Another thought I had was the KONOS co op. You were talking w/ Kathy and I don't know if you were discussing their co op, but that might be a good option. They do some really neat stuff in there and all your kiddos could participate. You could easily put E. up into the higher level, while your younger two were down in the lower level. They work on the same time frame and the younger kids sit in on the older kids lecture. The older kids do a lot more and harder work but they are all sitting there together. Nancy's girls are in there as well. She'd be another good one to ask (or Laura even. I just know you see Nancy more often :) ).

If she's really set on the medical field I'd also have her take latin. There are some good courses you can do at home but the best way would be to put her in a class, even if it were an online one, so the instructor can hear her accent. We worked through a couple of latin courses last year for review. Emily loved them. We're going to be doing something more structured in Latin for her next year. Not sure what yet! Possibly Veritas but :eek: so expensive.

I'll talk w/ my sister to see what she did w/ her math whiz kids. I know they used MUS and Saxon at some point. Just not sure what else they did. Also, when Julia gets back in town, I'll ask her about David's track in math and how she handled the transcripts.

Oh, and another thought. :) I know several people who have moved their 8th graders into highschool but didn't necessarily call them highschoolers, which bought them an extra year at the end of highschool where they could either move on to college, if they were ready, or do some independent study type stuff for the year. It gave them more flexibility. Technically, my Emily is doing all highschool work this year and I could be counting it all as credit (except math which is my fault, not hers. She could easily be in Algebra this year, or last even. I messed her up years ago by putting her in a lower level MUS than she should have been in and then I thought, until I just read here on the boards, you had to do prealgebra! :lol: I'm such a rule follower. That was the next book in the series therefore I must have my child do it and complete it before moving on. :) ) I'm not counting anything for highschool credit, except for her AO Biology.

Jen M
01-28-2012, 06:12 PM
Thank you Kendra!

I've thought of you, too! I love reading your blog!! :D

I would love to do Sonlight, but it is just too pricey for our budget. Someone told me to look for it used, but it can be really tough. I am not sure I am up for that battle.

Thank you for the heads up on the TT. I will keep that in mind if we go that route.

Jen M
01-28-2012, 06:26 PM
Thank you Linda!

I am borrowing Tara's TOG (Level 2 I think) Thursday. I have been looking at what they have online, but I agree with you about talking to someone who uses it for high school.

Thank you for the DVD suggestion! I will definitely look more into these!

I also agree with possibly using these years as 'cushion', but I want to build some knowledge while I still have a window.

As far as Foreign Language, Latin is a great idea. She wanted to slip by on ASL. ;) But Latin is offered at K.E.Y.S for $50/monthly, so I think that may be a good option for us.

The KONOS co-op *sounds* good, but very time consuming. I have thought some on it, but it just does not sit right at the moment.

I was talking with Debbie and Barb today at the conference and they suggested that perhaps I shoot out a message to all families with junior high/high schoolers to see if we could all get together for coffee and discuss curriculum/classes/records/etc.

01-28-2012, 07:25 PM
Thank you Linda!

I also agree with possibly using these years as 'cushion', but I want to build some knowledge while I still have a window.

The cushion period is actually for the end and is more for E. not you. ;) You move forward now, just don't call her highschool until you're ready, kwim?

I need to get together w/ my sister and ask her how she's recorded all their schoolwork. She's graduated 3 from homeschool and #4 just took his SAT's today, #5 is a Soph. She's a great one to talk to. She said it's no big deal now w/ the record keeping. I need to see what "no big deal" actually means. :lol: