View Full Version : Do you work OUTSIDE the home and home school?

02-17-2012, 11:42 PM
Got a situation here... need someone to bounce ideas off of.

If you work outside the home (full-time or part-time) give me a holler, k?

02-18-2012, 12:18 AM
I have worked outside of the home, part time for most of our homeschooling years. I always worked 2-10 pm, so I was home with the kids all day,and my dh gets off work at 1:00 pm, so he would be home in time for me to get to work. It was do-able when we had 4 kids , now that we have 6 at home, and the youngest with severe special needs, it's not quite so easy.

Since I am a nurse, I have flexibility at my work. I only am required to work 2 shifts a month, so I usually do that, and occasionally more on weekends when dh is home.

02-18-2012, 12:48 AM
I used to work seasonally before I had my youngest. We were limited to 880 hours a year, and we worked some 50 hour weeks, so about 18 weeks. I sent some basic work with my kids to their grandma's house. But they spent most of the time there being spoiled rotten, LOL.

Elizabeth in KY
02-18-2012, 01:12 AM
Yes. It isn't easy! On a slow week I'm gone three afternoons (12:30 - 8:00 or 9:00). During my busy weeks I'm away from noonish - midnight on those three days, and 3:00 - midnight on the other two weekdays. I also work one or two Saturdays a month. We just made it through one of my busy weeks, and we have lots of catching up to do next week.

We try to get all of our schoolwork done before I leave for work. Dh is home with the kids in the afternoons, so he can oversee their work if need be. We've found that things go better when I'm helping them.

Marsha in Fl
02-18-2012, 05:02 AM
Yes, I work Mondays 7:30 - 5. I am a dental hygienist. My husband has Sundays and Mondays off so he is doing school with the girls on Monday. I fill in when I'm needed at work for occasional vacations or if they need a second hygienist, too. I did that a lot this fall. From Aug thru Dec I worked 2 extra days a month. It really helped our bank account :clap: but I felt like I lost a lot of momentum with school. I also fill in when the public schools are out and my friend (public school teacher) can watch my girls.

02-18-2012, 07:59 AM
I work at a mother's day out two days a week. My littles attend there with me, and my oldest stays at a home-school family's house one of the days, and at my grandma's the other. Those days I give her mostly independent work and do the one on one stuff after we get home.

02-18-2012, 08:55 AM
I work part time outside of the home at an insurance office, usually about ten hours a week.
Is it easy, no, but it is doable.
I have only one left at home so that does make it easier than if I had more at home. Also, Abbie is older so she can stay by herself for short times if the need arises. My husband is a pastor so his schedule varies but he is able to be home a lot of the time when I have to work.

02-18-2012, 09:22 AM
About 25 hours a week...

02-18-2012, 10:35 AM
I attempted to work part-time, 24 hours a week, and homeschool for about two years. I think the success will depend on the child's personality and motivation. My oldest is more self-disciplined and was motivated to finish her work so she could figure skate. The younger needs a cattle-prod or whip to keep him going. He would wait until about 5 minutes before he thought I would be home and then work like a crazy man to get something done. The days I was home with the whip were really not good for our relationship so we put him in a private Christian school this year. He had quite a shock to his system and it has been a difficult, although beneficial, year for him.

I think the key to working/homeschooling would be to set a lot of structure in place before going to work and then be VERY CONSISTENT!!!


02-18-2012, 02:57 PM
Yep, I was working 2 days/week (with a nanny to watch our kids) from the time we started until May when DS was born.

It is tough, but it IS doable - we did a full load of schooling the other 3 weekdays, then did part of a day on Saturday or Sunday. Especially because this was K-2 with only 1 child we really did get everything in.

Rachel Jane
02-18-2012, 03:50 PM
I work a little less than 20 hours a week, depending on whether you count emailing clients and doing lesson plans.

Susan Seaman
02-18-2012, 04:30 PM
For most of our homeschooling years, I have not worked outside the home. The last year and a half, I worked 10-20 hours/week closing loans, 3 hours/week on a freelance writing job and 8-12 weeks full time summer work.

The summer work didn't interfere with school, and the writing didn't either, but the 10-20 hours/week during the school year just didn't work that well for me. It probably would have been better if the hours were regular, but sometimes closings would be at 9 am, sometimes noon, sometimes evening, sometimes several/day and then none the next day. I tried to make their school schedule flex around what I was doing, but we ended up just slacking off a lot. After a year, I was just too stressed and didn't feel that the kids were getting a good school experience, so I quit.

The last two weeks we have gotten so much done, and I feel like a new woman! Mine were capable of independent work, but I felt like I didn't start homeschooling just so they could spend time sitting at a table with their books. I love group discussions and participation.

Jen in SC
02-18-2012, 07:05 PM
Working almost full time for both of our businesses, with about 12 hours or so of that at the office; the rest from home. And homeschooling all three. It's hard, but with older kids that can use a computer, it's a lot easier.

Our oldest (and maybe even Betsie) will be going to school next year though.

02-18-2012, 08:39 PM
I wanted to add that for a 4 month period a few years ago, I worked a 3 day a week job 9am-5pm. My mother in law watched my 3 kids (at that time, I only had 3 older kids I was schooling). They took along school work, books and educational videos to do at grandma's during the day. what they needed extra help with ,we worked on at night and saturday. It was pretty stressful, but it was ok while it lasted.
I didn't like the fact that I couldn't be there when my kids needed help during the day,and they were doing way more workbook type activities than I was happy with.

02-18-2012, 11:10 PM
I just have to say...

:clap::clap::clap::clap::clap: to all of you who work and teach your kiddos!