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Janee' in Texas
03-06-2012, 09:10 AM
Could you share what your 10th grader is doing? How many papers are they writing? What are they writing them about? Are you doing literary essays? What about the basics of history? English? Science? etc... and please include if they are planning for college. I am attempting to make a high school plan, and just wanted to see what other highschoolers are doing. We are using Core 100 this year, but not sure if it is highschool level material. :unsure: They say it is though. ;)

03-06-2012, 05:35 PM
Hi, Janee'! :hi:

My 10th grader is doing:

Notgrass American history
Teaching Textbooks Geometry
English (which I put together myself because of some "outside" class opportunities that were available)
tech theatre, Bible, health as electives

He's writing 2 research papers this year, both on history topics. I was going to do literary analysis this year, but switched it with the research paper because ds is extremely literal-minded and literary analysis is like torture for him. So I'm giving him another year of maturity before we tackle it.

Last year really focused on writing, with Hands-On Essays. He was writing a lot (a paper about every 3 weeks or so). This year, not as much. Next year with the literary analysis papers, he'll be writing more again. He usually also has to write 1 paper per quarter for history, but I'm combining that with the research paper this year.

Is he planning for college? Not really. But he's not the type of kid who knows what he wants to do beyond about a month from now. This summer we're going to go over a list of colleges in our state, start ACT prep, that sort of thing.

03-06-2012, 06:30 PM
Let's see, what IS my 10th grader doing? Some days I'm really not sure. But seriously, here goes:
Starting Points ~ This is a blblical worldview/English course that she is doing with our co-op. It incorporates literature and composition as well as Bible. She's had to write 2-3 page papers several times throughout the year.
Math U See Geometry
Abeka US History (her choice) ~ mostly tests/quizzes but I will probably have her write a research paper on a topic of her choice from what she has studied to beef up the amount of writing in her portfolio :unsure:.
Apologia Biology (with co-op ~ no dissections in MY kitchen, please ;))
Rosetta Stone Spanish
Digital Photography
Career Development (with co-op ~ 1/2 credit course)

She is definitely looking to attend college. She will probably start dual enrollment classes at our community college in the fall... DD17 has done that for the past two years and it has been a good experience overall.


Rachel Jane
03-06-2012, 06:51 PM
double posted.

Rachel Jane
03-06-2012, 06:55 PM
~Ancient Worlds (Winterpromise)
~Govt and Economics (Blue Stocking Press)
~Algebra2/geometry (currently, he is reading the Life of Fred statistics book for fun)
~Lord of the Rings http://www.homescholar.org/LOTR%20Curr.htm
~Fallacy Detective
~Biology (Apologia) already did dissecting while brother was doing bio)

Violin (in home lessons and community orchestra)
Theater (community group, acting)

The child will more than likely go to college although he wants to be a Luthier. We are making plans for him to go and visit our local one and see if this is really an option for him. If he should leave the country to learn this skill, we would be open to him not attending college.

ETA: I have him do a short essay every week. One week it will be an SAT prep essay from on the internet. The next it may be an essay on something from biology or from Ancient civ. Sometimes it is a book review or on a current event. If there is an essay assigned in the Lord of the Rings, he does that one. Every now and again, I will ask for a more in-depth essay of several pages and will give three weeks for the child to complete it. The essays from Lord of the Ring have a grading rubric, which makes it easy for the instructor to grade. :thumb:

03-06-2012, 10:47 PM
he wants to be a Luthier

Had to google that one, RJ!


Janee' in Texas
03-07-2012, 06:43 AM
Thank you! Loving this! Anyone else??:D

Anjie in PA
03-07-2012, 01:24 PM
Laura is in 10th grade this year. Here is what she's doing:

- Algebra II (A Beka)
- English / Social Studies: half the year finishing up Ancient History from Beautiful Feet, now about to start TruthQuest Age of Exploration I; also supplementing English with the classics we read aloud together and Editor in Chief from Critical Thinking
- Biology (co-op class ... I'm with Cari about dissecting at home!)
- American Sign Language I (outside class)
- Theater (involvement in all areas of our co-op production)

03-07-2012, 05:14 PM
Let's see, my 10th grader is doing:

1.World History (Steck-Vaughn)
2.Biology (SOS)
3.World Literature (reads a novel a week and writes a paper on it)
4.Geometry (Teaching Textbooks)
5.Ukulele/Guitar, composition, performance and teaching lessons
6.Composition (Hands on Essays)
7.Health (SOS)

Both my senior and my sophomore are considering a certificate or associates degree post high school, but have no interest in going to college for several years. They don't want the debt and they'd rather find something they enjoy and work in the real world. At least that's what they tell us so far. :D

My senior is considering working in a medical office, being a med tech of some kind, work as a pharmacy tech, a dental assistant or at a bank or credit union or as bookkeeper or an editor.

My sophomore has no idea - she is an opposite personality of the senior - she loves working with people and she's an artist and a musician. She's talked about teaching lessons to children or getting an ECE 2yr degree, so that's all I know right now.

barbara r
03-15-2012, 07:43 AM
Our two tenth grader dds are taking:

Bible: OT Survey - (at the local International school - required for any part-time students)
Algebra 2 - Teaching Textbooks
World History - Notgrass
World Lit - Notgrass
Tagalog - (foreign language) with a tutor
P.E. - sports at the school
Music - (1:vocal/ the other:instrumental, both at the school)
Visual Media -(1:Art History & Appreciation/ the other: Digital Photography & Web Design)
Community Service - not for credit, but will be great on their transcripts...volunteer coaching basketball at middle school and elementary levels, volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, various local service options.

They write either a one-page paper weekly, or a 3-4 page paper each month, usually based on a topic from History, sometimes based on their experiences here in the Philippines.

They also write occasionally for Tagalog - a 1/2 page elementary report, and they've written about 2-3 short papers for their Visual Media courses.

They are both currently planning to go to college.

Janee' in Texas
03-16-2012, 08:37 PM
O.k. This is the line up, please let me know what you think.
World history with notgrass
Literature also Notgrass
Elegant Essay, after we finish Writeshop 2
Teaching the Classics with Windows to the World
Algebra 2
Old testament
And then various service oppertunities. I believe that is all. So, what do you think? Enough?

Becky in CA
03-24-2012, 08:58 PM
(First of all, I'm SO glad to be back on the boards !:hop: Been a few years.) Anyway, my youngest is in 10th this year. He's using:

LLATL Tan (LA has been SUCH a struggle for him. We'll be using Gray next year for 11th then the Gold American Lit)

TT Algebra 1 (Finishing earlier this year, then not sure what's next...Alg 2 or Geometry?)

ACE World History paces

ACE Biology paces

Latin's Not So Tough

Driver's Ed...at some point.

Heather (WI)
06-04-2012, 01:23 AM
We're starting 10th here this coming school year, and our plan looks like this:

Bible/History/Literature/Music and Art Appreciation--Heart of Dakota (3rd year of 4-year history cycle with extensions for high school level)
Math--Saxon Algebra I (with Geometry)
Science--Apologia Biology
Health--Abeka Health
Music--violin (2 orchestras, lessons, etc.)
Physical Education--karate (at place owned by members of our church)
Foreign Language--PowerGlide French

I'm also seriously considering and praying about adding the BYFIAR vol. 2 and 3 (and/or "Above and Beyond FIAR") as a supplement, because our core curriculum is only scheduled 4 days a week, with the 5th to be used as you like. I think having "FIAR Fridays" would be awesome!