View Full Version : potty training a child with autism/ using PECS

03-24-2012, 12:57 AM
Does anyone here have experience using the PECS with an autistic child?

G's therapists are using it at school and in just a few months, he's gone from working with one picture at a time, to having several and choosing what he wants to eat for snack,and play with! :clap:

I am working on potty training at home with him. So far he seems to be catching on quick! It's funny because he never directly looks at the PECS board, just does a sideways glance, but always picks the card intentionally.

I have never pushed potty training with him (even though he turns 5 in a few months) Honestly, I didn't think he was capable. :unsure:
Well we've been using the PECS "potty " card, when I say "let's go potty" he picks the correct card! Even better he has gone #1 5x this past week on the potty,and today did a #2 !:clap::clap::clap:
I really just started this to get him used to sitting there, he always used to fight it. After the first few times he sat fine for about 5 minutes- I do give him a toy to play with while he's sitting there. :)
But I am really amazed at how the PECS is working for him.
Does anyone else have any potty training tips to share,and/or how PECS has been working for your child?