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Tricia O
05-09-2012, 07:22 AM
How do you do your planning for your jr/sr high kids once they are doing more different subjects & you want to be sure they stay on track? We have never really done much advance planning, but I would like to have something for Elizabeth this year so we can make sure she is where she needs to be for where we are in the school year, and yet also help foster more independence for her. She will be in 7th grade.
I would like to have something where I can see each subject at a glance & where she is in that subject, but also something daily for her to see what she needs to be doing.
Also, when/how do you start giving grades for each subject?
Thank you for any advice!

05-09-2012, 07:49 AM
I'm not great on planning. I'm more of a record-as-I-go kind of gal. Not always the best approach, but somehow it works for me :). Every 9 weeks (quarter) or so I'll mentally divide the curriculum into quarters and see where we are compared to where we should be. That will determine if we're on track or need to pick up the pace.

On a daily basis ~ or I should say weekly here ~ I provide assignment lists for DD15 (used to for DD18 but she's been completely independent for the past two years and does her own checks) that list what I'd like her to accomplish for the week. I don't care how she divides it up ~ if she wants to do the entire week's work in math in one day, go for it! (And she often does). As long as it's done (or close to it) by the end of the week, I'm good.

As for grades, I graded (but didn't particularly track) things like math & science starting in 7th grade because the curriculums provided tests. English, history, not so much. In 9th grade, everything got graded as that is what is required by our diploma association (kind of like an umbrella school). Diploma programs are optional but I like the fact that they'll do my transcripts and such. But the state doesn't actually require grades at any age.

Hope that helps a little :)!

05-09-2012, 07:55 AM
For my 14yo, I made her a quarterly schedule. We combined history, Bible, language arts, and sometimes science, and that is what her schedule is for. Her math is "do the next lesson", I don't need to plan it out for her, and most of her science is child led so I don't schedule that. I attached an example of her quarterly schedule. (I had to put in zip so file is small enough to post)

05-09-2012, 08:48 AM
I used homeschool tracker for the first time last year and I loved it! I will definitely use it again. I'm just using the free version and it works great for us. It has a place to record her grades and every week I just print off her assignment sheet and she checks off when she is finished and then I correct her work and put the grades into the program.

05-19-2012, 05:37 PM
I didn't see the option of free, where did you find that?

05-19-2012, 10:16 PM
First, I make a school calendar for the next year. I figure out what days are school days and when our breaks are and when our semester ends. I do also have master list for each year, but it's somewhat flexible so they can choose some things. Kind of like a 'Courses Offered' page. I start this in 7th grade.

I have them choose in the spring what they're taking in the fall. Then in the summer, I write out the scope and sequence so we both know what they need to get done each week. They decided what portion to get done on which days of the week. To me, this is the balance between me making sure they get their work done and them learning how to prioritize and distribute their schoolwork each week. I've come to learn that this is one of the Most Important things I do as a homeschooler. This keeps us from getting behind.

I just did a couple for my one of my kids next year. They want to do a semester of Culinary Arts and a semester of Psychology. I did online research and ordered a couple things and put together the course. I have a copy so I can double check that everything is getting down on time. They have a copy so they know what needs to be completed.

Here's what the Psychology looks like - of course the layout/format is lost here:

Text: Understanding Psychology by Paul R. Robbins
1 Sep. 3 Read Chapter 1, Complete p.10, CompleteTYK, Do Report on 2 - Psycho. Hall of Fame (500 words each)
2 Read Chapter 2, Complete two of items on p. 27, Complete TYK
3 Read Chapter 3, Complete p. 41, Complete two items of p.42, Complete TYK
4 Read Chapter 4, Complete three of the items on p.68, Complete TYK
5 Oct. 1 Play Mouse Party - http://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/addiction/drugs/mouse.html
Complete Experiment - http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/mind/surveys/smiles/index.shtml
Complete Homeless Game - http://playspent.org/
Complete False Memory Test - http://www.mmlc.northwestern.edu/external/paller/memory-demo_content.html
Complete Sensation/Perception Jeopardy http://www.uni.edu/walsh/jeopardy.html

6 Read Chapter 5, Complete three of the items on p.84, Complete TYK
7 Read Chapter 6, Complete three of the items on p.103, Complete TYK
8 Read Chapter 7, Complete two of the items on p.119, Complete TYK
9 Read Chapter 8, Complete three of the items on p.138, Complete TYK
10 Read Chapter 9, Complete two of the items on p.158, Complete TYK
11 Read Chapter 10, Complete three of the items on p. 173, Complete TYK
13 Dec. 3 Watch PBS Nova: “How Does the Brain Work?”
Complete 3 items at http://www.understandingprejudice.org/demos/

14 Read Chapter 11, Complete diagram at http://cwx.prenhall.com/bookbind/pubbooks/klein/chapter1/labeling1/deluxe-content.html
15 Complete Linguistics Battery http://words.eaglemanlab.net/start/
Complete Big Five Personality Test http://test.personality-project.org/
BREAK Dec. 24
BREAK Jan. 1
BREAK Jan. 7
16 Jan. 14 Take Psychology Final

All written responses must be typed.
Turn in everything to teacher or report all results to teacher.

05-19-2012, 10:26 PM
And here's the Culinary Arts if anyone wants to see/use it.


Books: Culinary Essentials by Johnson & Wales AND Culinary Essentials, Lab Manual by Johnson & Wales

1 Sep. 3 Read Chapter 1, Complete “Check Your Knowledge” p.36, Read Chapter 2, “CYK” p. 64, Lab on p.21 & p.23
2 Read Chapter 3, “CYK” p.88, Lab on p. 25, Read Chapter 4, “CYK” p.108, Lab p. 109
3 Read Chapter 5, “CYK” p.138, Read Chapter 6, “CYK” p.152
4 Read Chapter 7, “CYK” p.174, Read Chapter 8, “CYK” p.196
5 Oct. 1 Read Chapter 9, “CYK” p.228, Read Chapter 10, “CYK” p.252 , Lab p.58
6 Read Chapter 11, “CYK” p.276, Read Chapter 12, “CYK” p.296, Lab p.75, 77
7 Read Chapter 13, “CYK” p.312, Lab p.82, Read Chapter 14, “CYK” p.332, Lab p.89
8 Read Chapter 15, “CYK” p.356, Read Chapter 16, “CYK” p.384 , Lab p.97, 101
9 Read Chapter 17, “CYK” p.406, Lab p.107, Read Chapter 18, “CYK” p.432, Lab p.115,117,119
10 Read Chapter 19, “CYK” p.448, Lab 129, Read Chapter 20, “CYK” p.466
11 Read Chapter 21, “CYK” p.482, Lab p.147, Read Chapter 22, “CYK” p.506, Lab p.149
13 Dec. 3 Read Chapter 23, “CYK” p.524, Read Chapter 24, “CYK” p.548
14 Read Chapter 25, “CYK” p.568, Lab p.169, 171, Read Chapter 26, “CYK” p.598, Lab p.177, 181
15 Read Chapter 27, “CYK” p.628, Lab p. 189, Read Chapter 28, “CYK” p.650, Lab p.195
BREAK Dec. 24
BREAK Jan. 1
BREAK Jan. 7
16 Jan. 14 Read Chapter 29, “CYK” p.666, Read Chapter 30, “CYK” p.694, Lab p.215, 223

05-20-2012, 07:26 AM
CJ-- My dd17 did her junior and senior year at the local career center in their culinary arts program. Culinary Essentials is the book they used there too.

Thanks for posting your course outlines.
It always helps to get ideas from other people.

05-20-2012, 09:53 AM
I didn't see the option of free, where did you find that?

It's called the 'basic edition' and you can find it here:

Cindy - - -

That's good to know. We're looking forward to being the guinea pigs of her culinary creations.