View Full Version : Play dates with other special needs children?

Christi in OH
07-13-2012, 04:24 PM
I'm not sure how this might work out. Ronnie has met two girls at speech camp that she wants to see again. One little gal was in her class last summer and she keeps asking when she goes to speech camp if she will see her. The other gal is in her camp during the school year. Both girls are not speaking at all yet, one has down syndrome and the other Rhett syndrome.

I have the phone numbers for both families and have spoken to the moms in passing. Does anyone have any ideas how something like that could work out. Typically when we go to someones house Ronnie barely engages with the children just wanders around and plays by herself. Unless we get lucky and there is an older girl to lead her around and engage her.

I guess I just need to call the moms and see what they think. If anyone has any insight to share I would love to hear.