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07-23-2012, 01:51 PM
My mom is homeschooling my twelve year old sister who has Down Syndrome. She wanted me to ask you all, how many of you use FIAR for your children with DS? How does it work if your child is not an auditory learner?


Leslie Nelsen
07-25-2012, 01:44 AM
Hi Heather,

I'm planning to use Before FIAR this year with Eliana. I'm looking to make the learning as hands-on and visual as possible. I'm wanting to plan things out more for her than I did for our other children to make sure that I'm accomplishing the goals for her that need to be met.

For example, I'm wanting to focus on making sure knows/learns colors, numbers to 10, alphabet, etc. When making my planning for the books, I'll look at my goals and see how these will fit with the books. It's a different way of planning, but one that I think will work pretty easily with B4.

I'm planning to make some books to go over concepts and to help with learning to read. (Ex. We are doing Yellow Ball next month and I'll probably make a book on colors with different balls. Also thought of doing some activities with balls to talk about positional words so that she can see it.)

I realize that my child is much younger and so this may or may not be helpful.

Leslie Nelsen
07-25-2012, 11:49 AM
I just posted something on the Before board about an activity I did with one of the books to make it a visual sensory activity. It was with the book We're Going on a Bear Hunt and I did it with Eliana and a group of other children. It was a ton of fun! :)

Again, I realize that your sibling is much older, but maybe this will help give some ideas. :)

Christi in OH
07-25-2012, 04:19 PM
My Veronica aka Ronnie is 9. We have read quite a few of the B4 books and tried a few FIAR she loves Ferdinand. Ronnie is very delayed in her expresive language. She might string together 3 words 4 is very rare and mostly observations about her environment or to get her needs met. So, I don't really know what all is going in since she can't really tell me. The conversational approach of FIAR - the auditory part has been sort of daunting for me with her.

I have seen how much she takes in incidentally and how much learning takes place with out any special adaptations or me going out of my way to teach her. Being motivated and interested is the key just like all children. The exposure to the good language and beautiful books is what appeals to me. I know she will pick things up and make connections because I have seen it happening. Maybe not the same way I see with my 4yo son who is constantly talking.

I am very excited for our new school year this year, keeping things very simple and sticking to the manual is my plan. We are doing mostly B4 and a few easy FIAR. If the books are too long or wordy Ronnie just balks and leaves the room. :unsure:

Good luck to your mom. I would love to have another homeschooling mom to talk to if she ever wants someone to chat with. We have two younger siblings tagging along so of course that changes our dynamics. I have a friend locally homeschooling her youngest with down syndrome who is a bit younger than Ronnie. She reminds me of what a blessing those younger eager learning siblings can be. Anyway...I have blabbered on for much to long.

07-30-2012, 09:06 PM
My Ellie who has DS just turned 9. She does a combo of B4 fiar and Mrs. Browns program for kids with DS. So I usually do a quick reading or summarizing each page of the book and do an activity that goes along and then we work on Mrs. Browns program. You can youtube sohappytolearn.com for info on her.

Ellie loves most of the B4 books and I love that she is getting good literature to be exposed to. We also add music since she learns a lot through song.
Wee sing has great CDs, you can even Itune just one song at a time if you just like one of the songs from an album. Right now I am trying to make learning fun, so she looks forward to the time we spend. I usually have her attention for sit down time for only 20 minutes, then we need to do a song or the fiar activity. She is a mover!