View Full Version : Oh, dear

Christi in OH
08-10-2012, 08:56 AM
That is one of Ronnies new phrases. Much nicer than what I might have said when I returned to the kitchen to find the middle two had strewn a blockus game and a bowl of oatmeal about the kitchen. I was only gone a few minutes and they had been playing so nicely.

I am continually puzzled by Ronnies misbehaving. It is so random. She still does some pretty nutty stuff. Dumping out bags of chips. Dashing things to the floor when she walks by. Don't ever leave a cup out in her reach. She just ruined the computer keyboard with a soda can dump yesterday.

We went to the fair this week and didn't have a very good time. She was yelling about the noise and being hungry. Just out of sorts. She has started her drop again if she doesn't want to go when we are out. We got some looks and comments at Trader Joe's too.

Sigh. Just needed to share where someone could relate.,

Hollie in SC
08-10-2012, 09:08 AM
The "Oh, dear!" sounds very cute. :)


I was looking at her age and wondering if the hormones might be starting to kick in. I obviously don't have girls, but with my boys we see it start around 10. By 11 they are driving me crazy.

Noah does the drop, which we call "Noodle Boy". I know how hard it is to stop and work with them while getting stares, but know you are doing the right thing. As annoying as it is to do with an 8yo, I try to remember that doing it with a 40yo is much worse. :group:

Noah has been very busy this week. He tends to want to do things we do for him (mimic our behavior) but that isn't always good. He is also a toy dumper. Actually, as I sit here I can hear him dumping the toys. :(

I do understand. It takes so long to help them establish good habits, but it seems to take one time for a bad one.

Praying for you this morning.