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Thread: Recording grades, Software, etc. Help!

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    Default Recording grades, Software, etc. Help!

    I'm not sure if this is in the right place or not. Moderators, if it's not, please move.

    What do you all use for recording grades, etc. Wasn't there a software called Edutracker or something like awhile back? I haven't taken grades up to this point because I haven't needed to but now I need to start recording some for high school. What do you use? I'd like something user friendly, maybe something that has everything, a place to record grades, figure averages, grade points? I know, I probably should have this by tomatoes please.
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    I use Homeschool Minder. It can be as complicated as simple as you like. I don't like digital planning. In fact I hate digital planning, I find it cumbersome. So I keep my planning to paper & pencil, but I can log grades through Homeschool Minder. I can keep track of books read & when via HS Minder. I can log grades & set up an entire term of school through the programme in 10-15 minutes. Pretty simplistic.

    Then I can print out report cards, transcripts, book lists, etc as needed. The best part, to me, is that even if I allow my subscription to expire I can still access my records to print. I can't edit the records, but I can print them. This is exactly why I chose HSM. Living internationally with the possibility of moving "home" in my child's high school years created the fear that i could lose some pretty important information that would effect his high school/college "career", kwim?

    The biggest downer that I have with Homeschool Minder, is that there is no area to ask questions. When I was in correspondence with the creator he urged me to use the FB page, but as it was public I didn't. I opted to dedicate x time per weekend to playing with the programme & was able to figure out everything I needed to make the programme work for me in the manner I wanted it to.

    ETA: This will do grade points, grades, averages, etc. really only have to tick boxes & set what you want grades to be. It's really pretty simplistic considering..
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