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Thread: Friday DECLUTTERING!

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    Cari -- wow I hadn't realized it was getting that close to end of year

    Mindy -- last night dh was complaining it was hot and we needed the a/c on. Tonight he is looking for his "couch" blanket

    Heather -- our hs group promotion & graduation is June 2 and I graduated on June 2.....29 years ago

    Paige -- sounds like y'all had a great time!!

    Cindy -- Yay for good Friday!!

    I don't know how much I got done from my list and I don't think I want to look

    Went to put sheets back on bed. Fitted sheet was ripped Then I couldn't find our spare set After making a huge mess digging through space bags and not finding the spare sheets I had to go to wm

    • repacked space bags
    • washed new sheets
    • made bed
    • cleaned living room
    • vacuumed
    • refilled soap dispensers
    • cleaned humidifier
    • set up new kindle fire
    • figured out supper early and got it started -- chili
    • went got a haircut
    • visited with friend that stopped by
    • cleaned up after supper

    I got about 4 inches cut off the length of my hair. It now sits on top of my shoulders instead of down my back.
    Ds1 who was gone and had no clue I was going to get a haircut today had been home less than 2 minutes and noticed my hair.
    Dh still hasn't noticed I even made a comment about how unobservant he is. He just laughed like I was joking.
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    Michelle- I'm sure your hair looks terrific. A new cut is always such a nice lift!

    - Are you thinking of Cover Story? It's for middle schoolers and teaches writing for a magazine- all kinds of writing and you put together a magazine. I love how the author does the videos and gets kids thinking and talking about writing. My 9th grader loves to write non-fiction and loves history. So a curriculum focused on newspaper stories of historical events is right up his alley. He is thinking seriously at this point of being a historian. He would love to design planes, but his math is not spectacular. It's not awful, but is is hard work for him. That fact is starting to sink in some. He is considering a history degree. He's perfect for it. He loves detail. He loves, loves, loves, LOVES military history. Anything I can do to foster his interest it time and money well spent!

    The senior meeting went well. This was the last meeting of all the nuts and bolts. I think we covered everything, but still a lot to do and put together. Next week is a group senior picture and the week after that a senior dinner. Then a couple weeks to go and it's rehearsal and graduation on the 2nd. E's timeline is so bizarre that it is real but not. Hard to believe he's graduating yet he was supposed to graduate last year and he'll be around another year. I just hope we get some time with him while he is healthy before going to Purdue. 10 hours is a long way a way, girls! That is the thing...we've had him here but he's not been well. I'm going to miss this kid!

    The house tidied up easily and quickly.

    I pulled out the Civil War Ball music and dance booklet. Tomorrow we'll be practicing! The ball is tomorrow night. It's our 8th year doing it.
    Heather wife to Dan and embracing the independent nature of homeschooling with our fantastic four (19 ds, 17 dd, 15 ds, 12 ds).

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    Heather -- it's not cover story. We used that -- m used it last year in 7th and Cale will use it next year in 7th. I, too, really love their materials -- it's a great way to learn. I saw the new material was the historical writing you're talking about, but I couldn't find the link/info on their page. I know I got an email about it ...
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    I know it's already Saturday, but I need credit for what little I accomplished yesterday before I tackle today's rather daunting agenda:

    • Up, dressed & headed downstairs. So comfy today!
    • Bathroom tidied; bed still occupied (who knows how long).
    • Quiet time, meds & breakfast. Five for five this week!
    • Pack up a LOT of things for co-op (some last night).
    • Off to co-op; usual stops at Dunkin' and Wawa.
    • Sat through creative writing. Phoebe got a B+.
    • Finished up a BSF lesson I missed a few weeks ago.
    • Helped with having a card signed for a leaving mom.
    • Texted TJ's boss to get permission to use as a reference.
    • Texted Sara; she's still not feeling well. I'm a bit concerned.
    • Did a two-week menu. Only one week with the guys.
    • Made a list for market. Dave went in the afternoon.
    • Another round of sitting in on creative writing.
    • Lunch time. I actually remembered to bring the lunch I packed!
    • Purged bookmarks. A lot were no longer relevant.
    • Purged a LOT of email. Why do I save so many things?
    • Cleaned the co-op cafeteria. Mostly by myself. Supposed to be three moms.
    • Home. Somewhat unloaded car. Not enough.
    • Emptied/reloaded dishwasher.
    • Brief nap. Don't know why I was so tired. But I was.
    • Took Phoebe to her photo shoot. Walked the mail while she was there.
    • Dave & TJ picked her up. They went to Red Robin for Dave's free burger.
    • Quick stop at Chick Fil A for a salad for dinner.
    • Life group. Ended up watching a movie after our lesson.
    • Back home; everyone was already in bed??!!
    • Tossed & turned for quite a while before falling asleep.

    And that was my Friday. On to the Saturday thread...
    Cari in Pa -- Married to Dave for 27 years!
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