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    Default getting a second opinion...

    regarding a Nissen surgery for G. He is 3.5 yrs old and still continues to spit up on a daily basis. Some days are worse than others, some days he just swallows it back down, but you can hear it come up in his throat and he will gargle it and either spit it out or swallow. I know that can't be good for his lungs (the whole point of the g-tube, since he aspirates)

    I am beyond frustrated with his current GI doc- who repeatedly told me G did not need a nissen, despite proof on the reflux scan,and a letter by G's speech therapis who has witnessed many many times of him spitting up.
    Dr. tried to tell me he was purposefully making it come up (I disagree)
    Then a few months ago we were there, and she made a comment like "oh we should look into a nissen for him,since he is XX kg now" I was like "What? , you told me he wasn't a candidate for it EVER". she just looked at me like I was crazy... so last time we had an the feeding clinic,the GI doc was on vaca...
    I'm fed up and getting a second opinion in April. Hoping I find a doc that will listen to me now.
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    A good doctor is worth looking for. Such a struggle you are having. Praying you can find one to really help you guys.
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    I am sorry. Moms know best. And you need a doctor who is listening to you and sticks to their story. And if they cannot stick to their story, they need to be able to admit what they said was wrong and be flexible. A doctor with a teachable spirit and humility is probably rare, but a wonderful find. I know that doctors learn so much from moms! Keep searching! You're a good mama!
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